West Ham – Southampton: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

While the entire sports Europe celebrates Catholic Christmas, the players of English clubs, weighed down by the festive table, go to the football field. West Ham are propping up the lower end of their UEFA European qualifications and Southampton are not very far from the relegation zone. So both teams need to be motivated.

Why did I choose the tackle bet? The fact is that the statistics of the last season indicate a clear advantage of the guests in this component. Judge for yourself: West Ham averaged 13.84 tackles per home game, while Southampton averaged 19.42 away.

Yes, the balance of power has changed this season. And there is no guarantee that the home team will own the ball more than the guests. Therefore, I propose to take not a clear victory of “Southampton” in the selection and not even a zero head start, but a one point head start.

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