What are virtual bets

What are virtual bets

Virtual sports betting is a type of betting in which the player makes a bet not on real money, but on virtual money. To place such bets, you can use guest accounts at some bookmakers (Bizon, Betcity) or special simulator sites (for example, BETUP).

play money sports betting

A guest (demo) account at a bookmaker’s office is no different from a regular gaming account. It offers exactly the same line, the same odds and rules for calculating bets. The only difference is that the money is not real, but virtual, which allows you to remove the risk of losing. Only a few domestic bookmakers are ready to provide demo accounts, and anyone can use them. This is a good experience that should not be neglected.

Why is playing for virtual money good?

A free demo account can be equally beneficial for a beginner in the world of betting as well as an experienced player. A beginner will be able to see the real world of bets, understand how to make them, what event you can bet on, how to win in general and make a profit. All this will be free, you can study, gain experience and get big shots, losing a “candy wrapper”, and not a real ruble.

Previously, there was no such opportunity, and the bettor often lost money due to inexperience, not yet knowing all the nuances of the rules for accepting and calculating bets in the bookmaker. But now, with the appearance of such an option, all beginners are advised not to neglect it and first play for virtual currency, doing it every day. This will help to avoid elementary mistakes at the start, which almost all new players face. Even if something did not work out, you do not need to appear in the bookmaker and argue with the administrator about certain rules.

For seasoned bettors, they can also benefit from using a guest account. Of course, they no longer need to learn the basics of the game, but they can work out a new strategy and look at the potential winnings. They will be able to see in practice how it will act and look at the reaction of the bookmaker. If there are any contradictions with the rules, they will also appear when betting on virtual money.

And if new strategies are not planned, experienced players can try their hand at betting on some other sport, for example, not football, but hockey. This will help you understand whether it is worth doing this at all or is it better to concentrate on one thing.

Cons of playing for virtual money

It would seem, what are the disadvantages of playing for fake money? But no, they are still there, albeit a small number.

Probably the most important drawback is a negligent attitude towards “candy wrappers”, because at a subconscious level, a person still understands that this money in the account is not real, if he loses it, he will not lose anything. If the money is real, then usually every ruble matters. And this is how ill-conceived adventurous bets begin just for pampering, and not with the aim of really trying your hand. This is not worth doing, because then you will never know your chances, and then you can just as easily lose real money. As a matter of fact, this is what a sports bookmaker, which offers its customers a game for virtual currency, calculates in the first place.

Another disadvantage is rather indirect, but it can affect bettors. The fact is that some unscrupulous tipsters or cappers demonstrate just a bookmaker’s demo account and not a real account as their winning statistics. Why, you ask? – It’s simple: many newbies take it and then pay such a would-be tapper for his forecast, which then leads to the loss of all the money. Even a tote will give you a better chance of success. Always pay attention to the screenshots, because they clearly show whether this is a real account or a guest account.

How to open a demo account

As we mentioned above, there are few bookmaker’s guest accounts. One of the most popular demo accounts among users is offered by the Betcity bookmaker. Please note that we need an offshore international version of it located at .com. Since this company is not included in the list of licensed bookmakers, its site is often blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. To go to it, use a mirror or VPN.

So, open the Betcity website from a computer at .com (the application will not work), and then click on “Switch to old version” in the upper left corner.

Betcity home page

After that, click on “Guest Login” on the left side of the site, in the pop-up window, confirm that you are not a robot and write down the account number and password given to you.

Betcity guest entrance

You can see that 10,000 rubles have appeared on the balance sheet. This is the very virtual money on which you can now make many bets. By the way, please note that you will be automatically transferred back to the new site.

demo account Betcity

As you can see, this popular method is not fraught with anything complicated. Similarly, you can open a demo account in another bookmaker, which has a similar opportunity.

And in conclusion, we would like to remind you once again that sports betting for virtual money will bring you practical benefits only if you treat them as real. Only then will it be equally useful both for beginners who learn what betting is and for experienced players who can see in action how their strategy works and how you can make money on it.

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