What happens if the cartridge is not filled correctly

If you often use a printer, you probably know that it needs to be refilling cartridges. Ideally, it is better if a professional does it. Since the toner used in refueling has small particles that negatively affect the human body, once in the respiratory tract, they settle there, and there can be bad consequences.

Another reason why you should not do this work yourself is because improper refueling of printers can lead to complete or partial breakdown of the device.

Most people are interested in the question: “What will happen if you do not refill the cartridge correctly.” Here are the main problems that can happen to your printer.

1. With poor-quality refueling, the drum of the device can quickly become unusable. Two or three such gas stations are enough, and the printer will have to be repaired.

2. Some users do not want to disassemble the cartridge and go the “easy” way – drill a hole in it. This is absolutely the wrong decision. Under such conditions, the ink, during printing, will pour into the device, which will lead to its breakdown.

3. If you do not properly refill the cartridge, some internal parts can wear out faster and, accordingly, become unusable faster. Blades in both parts will be heavily blunted. And this will lead to the fact that the toner will spill into the printer and clog the entire device as a whole.

4. The quality of printed documents is also deteriorating. If you do not refill the cartridge correctly, unwanted stripes or unnecessary gray backgrounds of documents may appear on paper when printing. If the images are colored, then their shade will be much paler than it should be.

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5. Another important aspect that few people pay attention to before refilling the device must be cleaned with old toner. This applies to all its internal parts, including blades, drums, and the printer itself. Masters for these purposes use a special vacuum cleaner, which will put it in order without harm to the device. If this is not done, the ink will begin to fill up all the mechanics of your printer, which will lead to the complete combustion of the engine.

6. After the device has been re-filled, it must be properly and efficiently assembled. This work also requires certain skills.

Therefore, if you are new to this business and have never been engaged in refilling cartridges before, entrust this work to professionals.

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