What happens when you fill a low-quality toner?

Laser printer – the device is quite simple and unpretentious to use. It allows you to print the necessary documents without spending a lot of effort on the user’s part. But like all printing devices, it also needs toner replacement.

Of course, you can buy a new cartridge every time. But, it’s inconvenient and expensive. At the same time, used plastic containers greatly pollute the environment. Therefore, it is more profitable to simply fill the printer for better preservation of nature and your money. It is better to do this in specialized companies that know what toner is needed to refuel a laser printer.

At first glance, everything seems quite simple. That’s not all toners are equally good. And, the use of low-quality materials can affect the properties of printing and bring the entire printer into disrepair. To avoid such situations, do not refill the cartridges yourself.

The main defects from low-quality toners:

1. Printed sheets come out pale. Such a problem happens when the toner is not chosen correctly. Not all paints are equally suitable for printing devices. Therefore, it is better if the necessary substance for refueling will be selected by a professional. With the help of a special cross-table, he will be able to determine what exactly your printer needs.

2. If the tucked toner was of poor quality or stitched, it will fall out on the hands, sheets of paper, or inside the device. This is dangerous for the printer and the people around it since its vapors are very harmful to the body. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the expiration dates indicated on the packages.

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3. If after filling the printer, after a few pages, it stops printing, most likely this toner does not fit the model of the device. In this case, you can get the cartridge and shake it a couple of times. If this method did not help, then re-refueling is necessary, but with high-quality materials.

Filling the printer in stages:

– Initially, the master cleanse the “containers” from old, low-quality toner.
– Then, the cartridge is refilling with new ink.
– In the end, a test print is made to check the quality of the work performed.

To ensure that your printer has been working for a long time and, as rarely as possible, is under repair, use only high-quality toners. And ideally, entrust this work to professionals.

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