What is flat in sports betting

What is flat in sports betting

Flat (sometimes spelled flat) Is a sports betting strategy in which the player uses bets of the same size over a period of time. In the English version, this term sounds like Flat Betting.

Are you often lost to smithereens? And how often did you have the feeling that several unsuccessful bets destroyed your game bank to zero, and for those bets that ended up playing, you simply did not have enough money? Has it ever happened: the first bet does not come in with a difference of one point, for the second you allocate twice as much money in the hope of winning back the first and winning from above, and in the end, having lost both bets, you find nothing better than to determine on emotions the entire remaining amount of the bank for a “reinforced concrete” position, in your opinion. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, the player’s bank, betting according to the above example, will inexorably approach zero. At best, such players stop losing money with the help of all kinds of promises and declarations; at worst, they continue to periodically replenish the bookmaker’s piggy bank until they come to a simple, but at the same time very important discovery, about which Mightytips.ru strategy specialists at rates will be discussed below.

Flat - what is it

It will be about the “flat” betting strategy, which came to the world of betting from other gambling games. This technique is suitable for a systematic and gradual increase in the bank without the risk of losing it for several bets. Many players refer to the flat strategy in sports betting as “fixed bet”. Its essence is as follows: no matter how large the bank you have, and no matter what degree of confidence you have in relation to one or several bets, according to the flat strategy, an amount equal to 1 to 5 percent of your bankroll is allocated for any of them. No excessive emotions. No overestimation of your own capabilities. Only a routine search for rates with a single choice of the amount of the bet in the range from one percent to five – this is the reality of this strategy called “fixed rate”. We admit the variant in which experienced players will find some disadvantages of this strategy, which are certainly present in the flat. However, for beginners, this financial management strategy is almost the only one that will help keep the bank in the early stages, and get a pleasant feeling from the game, and not a complete disappointment. Despite the fact that the risk of losing outright when betting flat is practically reduced to zero, it must be remembered that for successful results with this strategy, the player must be well oriented in the chosen sport in order to have at least 65-70 percent throughput of bets.

Varieties of flat

As in any business, this strategy has its own subtleties and characteristics, as well as its own types and types. Let’s start with the fact that the flat strategy is subdivided into several types depending on the nature of the rates, we will analyze each of them separately:

Aggressive flat

Let’s say right away that this type of flat is absolutely not intended for inexperienced players and beginner bettors. The size of the bet in an aggressive flat is slightly higher than in other types of this strategy, which makes it the most risky in comparison with other types. The amount of the bet, according to the aggressive flat, is equal to 5 percent of the bankroll. Experienced players advise not to lose courage and good spirits if, for example, the first three bets do not play according to this strategy. In this case, it is recommended not to change the amount of the bet, adhering to the established mark of 5 percent. Also, in the case of an aggressive flat, it is necessary to define one sport or one championship, on which bets will be made using this strategy.

Academic flat

This type of flat is more suitable for absolute beginners and reserved experienced gamblers who do not strive to take a big jackpot in a bookmaker’s office in one day. After the player makes a detailed analysis of a particular championship or event, he will have to determine the amount of the bet that he is ready to place on the selected match. According to the strategy of the academic flat, for each event the player can bet no more than 1-2 percent of the bankroll, depending on the degree of confidence in it.

Static flat

One of the most accurate flats, in which you will definitely not be able to play to pieces. Static flat perfectly justifies the name “fixed rate”, in which the bet amount does not decrease or increase, no matter how good, in your opinion, the position you have chosen may seem. The size of the bet with a static flat is invariably equal to one percent of the bankroll amount. As you already understood, this type of “fixed rate” strategy is suitable for those players who see a stable increase in earnings in sports betting, and not a lottery ticket with nine zeros. The very process of playing with the help of a static flat will not bring much joy for an emotional player who is used to increasing (and more often to decreasing) the bank several times. Using this strategy, you will get a certain increase in the bank if you bet on what you are good at, and you will also distinguish a value bet with a favorable odds from the usual one.

Chaotic flat

Already from the name of this strategy, it can be concluded that the amounts for bets are chosen randomly and are not subject to any regularities. This type is more suitable for emotional players who do not have a stable line of betting behavior. It is possible that by placing 20 bets at 5% of the bank, you can increase the size of your bankroll several times, however, the likelihood that you will reduce it to zero in a short time is also very high.

Obviously, the types of flat differ from each other not only in the amount of the bet or the percentage of the bank, but also in the psychological characteristics of the players who make bets using these types of fixed rate strategies. Agree that a gambler who is accustomed to getting emotions from bets will not be very interested in painstakingly building up the bank using a static flat over a long period of time. Actually, as well as for a cautious and fearful bettor, it will be difficult to part with money, working, for example, according to an aggressive flat strategy. That is why there are varieties of flat strategies for all types of players.

First, you need to decide on the sports on which you plan to bet money. If there are more than two of them, we advise you to refrain from aggressive or chaotic flat, so as not to say goodbye to your savings at one moment. After that, you need to decide on the amount of the bankroll that you are ready to allocate and not disturb at the first need. Be aware that your bankroll can bring you additional income only if you learn proper financial management and under no circumstances will you deviate from a proven strategy of any of the types of flat.

Flat with thresholds

This type of fixed bet strategy involves periodically checking your bankroll. Let’s give an example of flat bets with thresholds: let’s say your bank at the moment you started playing flat was ten thousand rubles with an average bet of 100 rubles, which is equal to one percent of your bankroll. Suppose that you designated a potential bank as the first threshold in the form of twelve thousand rubles, upon reaching which the amount of the flat bet will increase to two percent. In this case, as soon as your bank has reached 12,000 rubles, the amount of your bet should increase and will be 200 rubles, which is equal to two percent of the bank. If the bank, on the contrary, decreased by two thousand rubles and began to amount to not ten, but eight thousand rubles, then in this case the amount of the average bet will decrease from one hundred rubles to fifty and will be half a percent of your bankroll. It is not difficult to understand that all the numbers given in this example are conditional. In your particular case, there may be completely different thresholds and other percentages, but the most important thing is to decide on the numbers at the very beginning of the journey and not turn away from it in the event of a decrease in the bank or other force majeure situations.

Advantages and disadvantages of the flat strategy

The advantages of flat

Flat can be easily used in conjunction with many other betting strategies – this is the main advantage of this type of bets. Also, almost any sport is suitable for this strategy, although it will be many times more productive if you limit yourself to one or two sports for playing flat. It is unrealistic to understand everything: no matter how academic or static flat you play, randomly betting on everything that you see in the line, your bank will suffer from some non-core sports anyway and will be added in those sports where you have the maximum degree competence. Track your bets, decide on the types where your expertise is better than others, distribute the flat and go ahead to victory over the bookmakers! If you are a round newcomer to betting, then the flat strategy will allow you to get the necessary shots and not affect your bankroll too much at first, which is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of this strategy.


A large bankroll is required (up to 100x bets). As we wrote above, if you do not have the amount that you are calmly ready to leave in your bank and not use it for everyday trifles, you have nothing to do in professional betting. This is precisely the main disadvantage, which, in fact, is the main condition of this strategy – the size of the bank. If your average bet is 1000 rubles, then it is easy to calculate that for full-fledged flat work you need to have at least 20 thousand rubles on your account (accounts) in the bookmaker’s office, and maximum, in the case of one percent bets, and all 100 thousand rubles. Are you satisfied with this alignment? So this strategy is right for you. No extra 100 thousand rubles in stock? We understand, but in this case, you need to either reduce the amount of the bet, or still collect the pot amount sufficient for a full-fledged flat game.

Slow bankroll growth. The second disadvantage of this strategy, in principle, cannot be attributed to a professional player as a disadvantage, but this is exactly what ambitious beginners do. Agree, if you consider the slow but constant growth of the pot as a minus, then what should you do in betting? Expect huge winnings here and now? Then we do not recommend betting in principle – pay your attention to instant lotteries. Nevertheless, there are players who consider the low growth of the pot to be a disadvantage, so we will also note it.

Conclusions on the flat strategy

Naturally, like any strategy, flat is not without its drawbacks, which we did not fail to talk about. At the same time, flat is the most optimal strategy for a beginner player who is just comprehending the basic laws of the world of betting. First of all, he teaches from the very first days in betting to treat his bankroll prudently and responsibly, which is not done by the overwhelming majority of players who start betting. In addition, an important part of the flat will be paying attention to the odds and looking for undervalued positions. Few people at the start of the betting game can assess the adequacy of this or that coefficient. The flat strategy forces you to pay attention to the odds from the first bets, because having won several times with odds of 1.32, and then having lost several bets, you will see how your bank will rapidly begin to decline to minimum levels. The required coefficient is one of the main conditions for a successful flat. When you learn to see positions in the line that are not quite adequate to the market and manage to bet on them at not yet “killed” odds, your bank will, as expected, begin to add to your delight, and the bookmaker will pay increased attention to your bookmaker account.

Output: the flat strategy in sports betting works with the right approach, a sufficient bank, disabled emotions and in close connection with the search for valuable positions for decent odds around 2.0. Consider how ready you are to meet all of the above and feel free to start with a new strategy. Happy flat bets!

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