What is free bet in sports betting?

What is free bet in sports betting?

Free bet is a free bet that is provided by a bookmaker to a player for fulfilling certain conditions. This is one of the most profitable bonuses from bookmakers, so it is very popular among bettors. In fact, the player does not risk anything and even if he loses, he will lose virtual, not real money. However, with free bets, not everything is as simple as it seems, and we will tell you about all their nuances.

Free Bet is a free sports bet

What is the essence of freebet

The free bet is strikingly different from the initial deposit bonus, for which you usually need to not only deposit money into your account, but also fulfill many conditions. In the case of a free bet, everything is much simpler: the bookmaker credits the player with a certain amount of money, which he has the right to put in a certain period of time for an event permitted by the terms of the promotion.

The free bet rules may differ slightly, but in most bookmakers they are approximately the same:

  • Free bet can be bet in total on only one event at a time;
  • In case of victory, the player will receive the net winnings on the account without the free bet amount;
  • Usually, you can bet at least a certain coefficient and not on any event.

As an example, let’s consider a situation in which a bookmaker credited a player with a free bet of 500 rubles. He bets the entire amount on the outcome with odds 2. The event takes place, and the net winnings are 500 rubles minus the amount of the free bet.

Why and in what cases the bookmaker gives the player a free bet

Honest bookmakers offer free bets to lure new customers. In modern betting, the competition is very high, so it is not so easy to get new users. This is beneficial to both parties: a new user gets additional motivation to register with this particular bookmaker and can play for the first time without risking anything. The bookmaker offers the client virtual money, and even if he ultimately won, the bookmaker will still not be at a loss.

There are also dishonest bookmakers that specifically offer very favorable conditions to new players in order to lure them and induce them to deposit as much money as possible. They do not care how much to distribute freebets and initial deposits, because in the end they do not plan to pay anyway. That is why it is very important to first of all look at the reliability of the bookmaker, and not at the bonuses that he offers.

As for the situations in which the bookmaker most often encourages its clients with free bets, the following can be distinguished as the most common:

  1. Free registration rate. This is probably the most common case when a new client gets a free bet simply for registering with a bookmaker. This is the most profitable option for the bettor, because he is not required to deposit any amounts into the account, and at the same time, you can make the first bet without fear of losing money. But it is better to bet not at random, but wisely, otherwise there will be no sense in free bet. You also need to understand that choosing a bookmaker only by the presence of this bonus is not worth it, first of all, you need to choose the office in which it will be comfortable to play further.
  2. Free bet on the first deposit. This is also a fairly common situation, but it will require the player to deposit real money into the account. Such a free bet is less profitable and should definitely not be a determining factor when choosing a bookmaker’s office. If the bookmaker you already wanted to choose has such a bonus, read the conditions for obtaining it and you can use it if they suit you.
  3. Free loyalty bet. In most situations, the bookmaker gives such a bonus to regular customers who have not replenished their account for a long time and have not made bets. In this way, the bookmaker is trying to awaken interest in the game among bettors who have not played for a long time. If you are one of these players, think carefully about whether you should return to betting again if you have already decided to give up with them. Even if you decide for yourself that you will only place a free bet and, regardless of the result, will no longer replenish your account, you may change your mind later and still start playing for real money again. And this is exactly what the bookmaker wants.

Pros and cons of a free bet

It seems to many newcomers to the field of betting that a free bet can a priori have no downsides. Well, how can it harm the ability to bet virtual money and, if you win, get a real amount? But not everything is so simple, and therefore experienced players are wary of free bets, knowing well what it is. We will now talk in more detail about their pros and cons.

Freebet pros

  • The most important advantage of free betting is really the ability to bet on virtual money and not risk anything in case of failure. If this is a free bet without a deposit, then you can feel the taste of the game without even depositing money into your account.
  • In case of victory, you can build on the received amount for further play and increase your bankroll. In theory, you can accumulate an impressive amount of money in your account without ever making a deposit.

These were the main advantages of the free bet that some bookmakers provide to players. In principle, everything should be clear with this and it is better to talk in more detail about the pitfalls that must be taken into account when taking a free bet.

Cons of freebet

  1. Inadequate wagering requirements. By no means always, when you win, the entire amount of net winnings will automatically come to your account. It often happens that you first need to play it, but it is almost impossible to do it. In any case, be sure to read the conditions for obtaining a free bet and pay attention to every little thing.
  2. The rate is too high. In most cases, the rules of a free bet simply will not allow you to place it at odds below 1.5. In most cases, the maximum odds are unlimited. But it also happens that the bookmaker sets the minimum size of the coefficient at 3 or higher, which greatly reduces the chances of a free bet to pass.
  3. Small lead times. This, again, is related to the wagering requirements of the free bet. It happens that too few days are given to complete them, during which you have to make a lot of bets. Naturally, you will not have time to properly prepare for each of them, which is why the risk of losing is greatly increased.
  4. Inability to refuse free bet. Fortunately, this kind of savagery is rare, but it is. Some bookmakers literally impose bonuses on their customers. If a new player does not fulfill their conditions, his account may even be blocked, and money may have already been deposited into it. And it remains either to deposit a new amount and try to fulfill the conditions of the bonus, or to “score” on the money in the account and look for another office, more honest and adequate.

As you can see, with free bets, everything is far from being as straightforward as it might seem at first glance. It so happens that it is better to avoid them from the word altogether. This does not mean at all that you need to give up all free bets, it means that you should always carefully read the terms of their provision and be sure that in any scenario you will not end up in the red.

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