What is netball and how to bet on this sport?

What is netball and how to bet on this sport?

Netball is a ball game similar to basketball. The main differences: dribbling is prohibited and not all players have the right to throw. It is played mainly by women in teams of 7 people each. Men also play netball, but they can only do it at an amateur level. Official competitions in this sport are held only with the participation of women under the auspices of the International Federation of Netball (IFNA).

In the post-Soviet space, netball is not very popular and many simply do not know what kind of sport it is. Not every domestic bookmaker accepts bets on it. Over 20 million people play netball in the world, primarily in English-speaking countries (England, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania).

Netball is an exotic sport

History of origin

Netball was originally a form of basketball specially adapted for women. It was first introduced in the United States to female students at Smith College in Massachusetts by the head of physical education, Senda Berenson in 1892. This is not to say that netball immediately became very popular, because basketball still remained the dominant sport in the United States for both men and women.

But then netball came to England, where the local ladies really liked it, which ultimately determined its future fate. After the game was brought to Australia and New Zealand, where it was even more successful.

Netball rules

Throughout the existence of the game, the rules of netball have undergone more than one change, until they got a modern look. So what is the main feature of netball rules?

Matches are played in halls at standard venues, which are divided into 3 zones. The ring, as in basketball, is located at a height of 3.05 meters, but it is already 7 centimeters (380mm). The ball is slightly smaller and lighter than a basketball and is made of leather or rubber. There are 14 players on the court at the same time (7 in each of the teams), the game is divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes each.

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Netball Game - How to Play  u0026 Rules Introduction

Only 2 team players can throw around the ring, the ball cannot be dribbled, it can only be passed to teammates. You cannot take the ball away from your opponents, you can only intercept it at the time of the pass. Each goal scored adds one point to the team’s piggy bank.

Each of the players has his own role on the field, which is also indicated by a letter on his uniform:

  • Goalkeeper (GK) – defends the goal and plays in the defensive third and goal area;
  • Wing defender (WD) – plays in the central and defensive third, helping in the defense;
  • Defender (GD) – plays in the central and defensive third, helping with defense, can be in the goal area;
  • Center player (C) – plays all over the court except for the goal area, performs the largest amount of work;
  • Forward (GA) – plays in the center third and third of the attack, including the opponent’s goal area, can shoot around the ring;
  • Sniper (GS) – plays only in a third of the attack and the opponent’s goal area, throws around the ring.

Features of netball betting

As we mentioned above, not every domestic bookmaker accepts netball bets. But you can still find them, for example, in 1xBet, League of Bets, Parimatch, Leon and some others.

You can bet on the following outcomes:

  1. One of the teams wins. In netball, as in basketball, there are no draws, so bookmakers usually accept bets on the victory of one of the teams, taking into account overtime.
  2. Total over / under. In netball, as in any other match, a certain number of goals are scored per game. Depending on the opponents, the bookmaker offers its players to bet on the total total over or under, you will rarely see individual totals in the line.
  3. Handicap. Bets of this kind are no different from other sports where you can bet one of the teams on the odds. This is especially true for fights in which opponents of different strengths meet.
  4. Quarter. We want to say right away that such bets are rarely offered by bookmakers, usually they are available only in the loudest matches between top teams or in the last stages of major tournaments. In a quarter, you can bet on all 3 of the above outcomes: victory of one of the teams, handicap, total.

A few tips for players

If you decide to try netball betting, you need to be prepared for the following nuances:

  • Due to the low prevalence of this sport on the territory of the post-Soviet space, such bets in the lines are not offered by all bookmakers;
  • Since this is not the most popular sport, there is not much news about it, so you may simply not learn about important changes in the team before the match;
  • Do not under any circumstances place bets based solely on the team’s previous successes or failures. The state of affairs in netball is changing very quickly, and you can simply not keep track of the change in forces;
  • Due to the fact that this is a female sport, a lot depends on the mood of the team and the state of the dressing room. Try to find out about all changes in the team before the match. It is not a fact that you will find all the information, so try to read local sources of information as much as possible;
  • Due to the low variability of the game, injury or poor form of just one player can greatly affect the course of the match, because each of the 7 players on the field has a clear role.

Be prepared for the fact that you constantly have too little information about the state of affairs in the teams on which you want to bet. You also need to take into account that netball tournaments are held infrequently, which is why you will not be able to choose this sport as a priority. You can occasionally include these matches in your bets, but don’t expect netball to be consistently profitable.

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