What is post leg bet

What is post leg bet

Postlegal betting is a bet on a past event in a match. Such situations, albeit rarely, do arise, and the afterglowers are just engaged in catching them. The main condition is that the bet is placed only on the event that has already happened.

What is the point of postlegal betting

Why post-leg betting appears

There are several reasons at once, because of which a bet on the post leg is possible:

  • Leading the bookmaker. If the bettor is at the stadium and personally watches the match, he can manage to get ahead of the bookmaker by a few seconds and bet on an event that has already happened. Every year it is more and more difficult to do this due to the improvement of technologies, you need to make a decision at lightning speed.
  • A technical error. It can happen due to a bookmaker’s software malfunction or due to a trader’s carelessness. This happens extremely rarely, but there are precedents.
  • Broadcast delay. If we are talking about lower leagues or unpopular sports, information about the progress of the match may come to the bookmaker with a delay. If a player personally watches such a match, he will have a chance to get ahead of the bookmaker. But, again, with the development of technology, such situations happen less and less, even if we consider the most seedy market.
  • Fraud. An employee of a bookmaker’s office can deceive his employer and deliberately provide incorrect data so that his accomplice can bet on it and get a big win.

What can you bet on

And although we are already accustomed to the term “post-leg”, you can bet not only on goals scored. If we talk about football, then in it you can bet on the total over or under, on cards, penalties and even corners. In tennis, you can bet on total sets, on winning a game, and even on a particular rally. In basketball – for the total or individual total of a player, in hockey – for won martial arts and so on, you can go on for a long time.

But all the same, betting on goals is a priority, hence this strategy got its name. To make it better for you to understand how all this can happen, let’s take a look at a specific example.

In the match between Milan and Udinese on January 19, 2020, there was a draw at the end of the main 90 minutes of the match. But in the last added 93 minutes, the winning goal for Milan was scored by Croatian Ante Rebic. As a result, the match ended 3-2 in favor of the Rossoneri.

match Milan - Udinese

Now let’s imagine the situation that at the stadium there was then an afterglower who closely watched the progress of the game. He saw that the hosts were desperately storming the guests’ goal, because they had to score at any cost. And then it happened, the ball is in the goal, and the bettor has a few seconds to place a bet. In theory, he can bet on Milan to win, on total over 4.5, or on Rebic to score. But all this needs to be done instantly, so the bettor should already have an open list of this match in Live at the ready. To have a better chance of success, we advise you to read the following tips.

Secrets of post-leg betting

Some sites and groups on social networks manage to sell such tips for money, calling them a unique opportunity of one hundred percent victories at bookmakers. We offer them to your attention absolutely free of charge, so that as few people as possible are led to the tricks of scammers.

  1. Use a “fast bid”. A similar function allows you to set the desired amount in advance, and then make a bet by simply clicking on the desired coefficient. Only in this way you will have at least some chances to be in time before the bookmaker. Also, do not forget to download the application to your phone, it usually works faster than the mobile version of the site.
  2. Provide good internet. Be prepared for the fact that at the stadium you may have problems with the Internet, so make sure in advance that the network is always available and never freezes. You may need satellite internet.
  3. Determine the type of bet in advance. As we wrote above, you can bet on different outcomes, but if you don’t choose one for yourself in advance, then you may not have time to decide.
  4. Prepare for the match. Although the afterglower bets on an event that has already occurred and cannot be mistaken, in order to determine the type of bet, it is necessary to prepare before the match and roughly predict its course.
  5. Personal attendance at the match is optional. And while this is the ideal setting, it is not always possible to personally attend every match you intend to bet on. In this case, finding the fastest and most accurate online streaming service will help you. This is especially true with not the most popular matches in the lower divisions.

The attitude of the bookmakers

Each bookmaker has a very negative attitude to post-leg betting. This is understandable, because such bets are completely contrary to the spirit of the game and are a scam. Even the “fork” does not cause such a negative among the bookmakers. In her case, at first, the max is simply cut, but in the case of a post-ball, a ban may immediately fly in.

In recent years, with the improvement of the technical component for the aftergathers, hard times have come. Now there is practically no situation in which you can get ahead of the bookmaker and place a bet on an event that has already happened, but has not yet been reflected in the line for the match.

But, even if it succeeded, it is too early to rejoice. The bookmaker very easily identifies an after-law bet and at the beginning can simply cancel it, and if it appears regularly, block such a player along with all the funds on the account.

The bookmaker’s arbitration set of rules in most bookmakers contains explanations regarding the post-gamers, so it will no longer be possible to hide behind the rules, this is officially prohibited.

Is it worth betting on the post-leg?

At the end of our article, we come to the most important question: is it worth betting on the post-leg at all? We do not impose our opinion on anyone, but we do not recommend doing this, especially in 2020. Let’s explain why now.

The most important reason why we do not recommend making such bets is that they are prohibited by the rules of most bookmakers, which means that at any time your gaming account may be blocked without the possibility of withdrawing money from it.

Another reason is that in 2020 it is incredibly difficult to catch the possibility of betting on an after-law, because the bookmaker’s software works practically without errors and lagging behind the course of events, and the odds change instantly.

The next reason is this: even if you managed to make such a bet, you are unlikely to receive a win from it. At best, your bet will simply be canceled, at worst, your account will be blocked permanently. Believe me, bookmakers quickly and easily identify those who engage in such bets.

Therefore, as a conclusion, I would like to say that it is better not to waste time and effort on such bets. The old adage is appropriate here: the game is not worth the candle.

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