What is RC bet in betting

What is RC bet in betting

A RC bet is a reinforced concrete bet, that is, one that cannot be lost.

WB bet in sports - what is it?

The player is 100% sure of the passage of the event, which is why the word from the construction “reinforced concrete” is used. This name means something very solid, monolithic, and ZhB stands for its abbreviation, abbreviation. But do such rates really exist? Let’s try to figure it out together.

How to determine the RC rate

Now that you have learned what RCs are in betting, let’s find out how to identify them and distinguish them from the usual ones. The most important criterion is a very low odds for a favorite to win and a high odds for an outsider. When you see that the bookmaker gives odds from 1.1 to 1.3 for the victory of one of the parties, it sees this result as “iron”.

Another option is betting on match-fixing. They can be found in any sport, as evidenced by the recurrent scandals and revelations of retired athletes, who sometimes call such matches.

Agreements happen usually in the lower leagues, to which less attention is riveted. But a very narrow circle of close people knows about them, and such information will not appear in the public domain. And such a game does not happen every day, but occasionally.

A prime example of a reinforced concrete bet is the Spanish La Liga match between Barcelona and Levante. The bookmaker is so confident in the victory of the hosts that it offers them the exact bookmaker coefficient of 1.144.

example of RC bet

Barcelona – Levante, W1 is WB bet

On the one hand, this is very little, on the other, if you bet 10,000 rubles on the victory of Barca, the net gain will be 1144 rubles, which will give a profit of 11.5%. Not a bad indicator. Many will do so and win. So concrete rates are profitable, right? – Not so simple.

Is it worth it to make ZhB bets

If you think that you can have a stable profit on reinforced concrete bets, we want to disappoint you – this is impossible. Sport does not know such a concept as reliability, it does not consider a one hundred percent “reinforced concrete” outcome, from the bettor’s point of view, as the only possible one. How many times have there been cases when a confident favorite stumbled in a match with a much weaker opponent.

And in order to play and make a profit, you need to bet a large amount of money on the victory of the favorite, because the odds for this are too low. As a result, a stronger team can indeed win two, three or even more matches in a row, but sooner or later there will still be a misfire, and a large stake will not only deprive your bank of all the previously accumulated profit, but also drive it into a minus. The scheme is not the most profitable. If in doubt, just compose an express for yourself with a choice of 5 supposedly sure bets and see if they all pass.

The option is even worse – to buy a forecast for sports “concrete” from those who sell them. Even if it’s free, you’d better bypass it. Firstly, we have already written that 100% of results in sports do not happen and never will, which means that a priori bet cannot guarantee you a victory, there is a chance of losing.

Secondly, if you buy a supposedly contractual drain, just think about the point of selling this information and confiding in a lot of other people, if you can quietly bet on this event alone and get a good win without attracting attention. This is an obvious scam and scam, the use of gullible people for their own purposes. And such a forecast should cost a lot, not 500 or 1000 rubles.

Now that you know what ZhB means in betting, we hope you understand that it is much better to analyze in detail the matches you are interested in and look for the most suitable betting options, and not hope over and over again for the victory of the favorite or advice on VKontakte from grief – forecasters like Pavel or Winner. Only such a strategy and system can bring proper income in the long term.

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