What is the tank attack method in sports betting

What is the tank attack method in sports betting

The tank attack method is one of the many game strategies that bettors use with varying degrees of success. Its main essence lies in the preservation and increase of the game bank over a short distance.

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How does the tank attack method work?

This strategy is structured as follows: the player divides the existing bankroll into equal parts (tanks) and for each of them plays its own game until a certain moment. There can be as many tanks as you want, but the most popular options are from 3 to 5.

If you do everything right, ideally, you will be able not only to compensate for the losses of several parts, but also to remain in the win. The more tanks eventually reach the finish line, the greater the final payoff will be. An effective “Tank Attack Method” strategy game should include the following steps:

  • The number of tanks (you need to divide the bank into a certain number of parts in advance);
  • Coefficients (you need to decide in advance on the optimal size of the coefficient in order to reduce risks and not lose in profit).

As we have already said, the optimal number of tanks is from 3 to 5. As for the coefficients, it is advisable not to take risks and choose reliable events, which means to use coefficients no higher than 1.5.

If the tank loses, it is eliminated from the game, but the winning tanks continue to play until the moment predetermined by the player with one important nuance: in all subsequent bets, you need to bet not the initial amount, but the entire won.

An example of a strategy game

Now let’s look at the principle of this strategy using a specific example. Let’s imagine that our bank was 4000 rubles, and we divided it into 4 parts, 1000 rubles each. These are our tanks. According to the calculations, we need to go through 3 steps to make a profit.

Let’s take the first step:

  • Tank number 1. A bet of 1000 rubles at a coefficient of 1.35. Winnings = 1350 rubles.
  • Tank number 2. A bet of 1000 rubles at odds 1.4. Loss = 0 rubles.
  • Tank number 3. A bet of 1000 rubles on a coefficient of 1.5. Winnings = 1500 rubles.
  • Tank number 4. Bet 1000 on the outcome with odds 1.45. Winnings = 1450 rubles.

We see that tank # 2 is eliminated, the others continue the game.

Let’s take the second step:

  • Tank number 1. The bet is 1350 rubles at the odds 1.4. Winnings = 1890 rubles.
  • Tank number 3. The rate is 1500 rubles at the odds of 1.35. Winnings = 2025 rubles.
  • Tank number 4. The bet is 1450 rubles at the odds 1.5. Loss = 0 rubles.

We see that tank # 4 is eliminated, the other two continue the game.

Let’s take the third step:

  • Tank number 1. The rate is 1890 rubles on the odds 1.5. Winnings = 2835 rubles.
  • Tank number 3. The rate is 2025 rubles at the odds 1.4. Winnings = 2835 rubles.

Our final cycle ended with the victories of two tanks, the result is as follows: 2835 + 2835 = 5670… We subtract from this amount the initial bank in the amount of 4000 rubles and we get a net profit of 1670 rubles.

As you can see, only two out of four tanks reached the finish line and still it brought us a good profit. If 3 or all 4 tanks won, the winnings would be even higher. But, on the other hand, if only 1 tank arrived, the player would be in the red, and if none at all, he would lose the entire bank.

Pros and cons of the tank attack method

This strategy, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages include the ability to stay in the black even if several tanks do not pass at once. It is also good that the player only risks the amount of the original bet. The disadvantages are the need to win on most bets, as well as a difficult selection of bets, because they should not have the lowest odds, but at the same time very high traffic.

As a result, we have a good strategy that can make a profit over a short distance. But we would not recommend it as your main strategy for long term play. There are more interesting and profitable methods of the game that will bring great profits over the course.

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