What sport to choose for betting: basic rules

What sport to choose for betting: basic rules

Any newcomer to the world of betting first of all asks the question of which sport to choose for betting. It’s one thing when you root for a football team or a tennis player for fun, but it’s quite another when you put your hard-earned money on him. Here, not only excitement and cheerleading addictions come into play, but also the banal desire to win and make money.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which sport is easier to predict: football matches in the English Premier League or a tennis challenge with a prize pool of $ 50,000. Below we will talk about choosing a sport for betting, and also analyze the pros and cons of the most popular sports.

How to choose the right sport for betting

Which sport is better for betting: team or individual

The debate about which sports is easier to predict, team or individual, has been going on for many years. Supporters of the first option shout that the team always has someone to insure the drop-down link. Also, don’t forget about injuries, possible bad moods and bribing athletes in sports such as boxing, tennis or swimming.

Fans of individual species are reminded that it is easier for them to predict the outcome of a match, because they only need to analyze the state of one person. In addition, you can bribe an entire team if you want to.

Which sport to choose for betting

There is no definite answer to the question of which sport to choose for betting, team or individual. Each match should be considered separately and a decision should be made on bets on it, based on a number of factors: the condition of the athlete / team, his latest results, the time and place of the meeting, and so on.

How to Choose a Sports for Betting: Five Tips

Each bettor chooses for himself what sport to bet on. Some people are good at predicting football results, while others are an expert in baseball. Here are five tips to help you figure out which sport is best for you to bet on:

  1. Consider liquidity of one kind or another. According to statistics, tennis, football and horse racing have the highest liquidity indicators. Basketball, rugby and Formula 1 also have solid performance.
  2. Bet on sports that you know well. Do not try to predict the outcome of the Federer – Nadal match if you have watched tennis at least twice in your life.
  3. Find a convenient frequency. If you are planning a long-term strategy for the game, avoid sports that do not last long. For example, the NFL league lasts only six months, but tennis and football matches in the line can be found almost all year round.
  4. Decide on a convenient time frame. To be successful in bookmaker, you need to devote a lot of time to it, which can harm your work or sleep.
  5. The pleasure factor cannot be ruled out. Attempts to make money on an uninteresting sport rarely lead to success. Ultimately, this tactic will become a losing one, as you will simply get tired of doing the analysis.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Sports for Betting

Both team and individual competitions have pros and cons. If you don’t know which sport to choose for betting, here’s a short guide to the main ones.


The pluses include:

  • a huge number of tournaments;
  • a lot of information about competitions, clubs, players;
  • year-round (football is played both in winter and in summer);
  • many predictions on the Internet;
  • wide range, often – high coefficients.


  • the majority of matches are played on weekends (except for European Cup weeks). On weekdays, you will have to be content with other sports or football of a lower level;
  • frequent “agreements” (this disadvantage is applicable to many types);
  • it takes a long time to analyze.


The benefits include:

  • frequency of matches. In the leading leagues of the world, the KHL and the NHL, games are held every day with rare exceptions;
  • a lot of information and statistics on teams and players;
  • wide painting;
  • availability of free and paid forecasts on the Internet.


  • serious hockey matches are not played in the summer;
  • low odds (excluding NHL);
  • low betting limits in some bookmakers.


Pros of betting:

  • high limits and low bookmaker’s margin in NBA fights;
  • games are held every day up to 14-15 (if we talk about the NBA);
  • large statistical base, the ability to conduct analytics.


modest list (except for the NBA and Euroleague);
few big tournaments – can be counted on the fingers of two hands.



  • the most popular solo sport, one of the most interesting to watch;
    matches are held almost all year round;
    wide line, the ability to place bets at any bookmaker;
    well suited for playing live;
    simplicity of analysis (it is much easier to compare two players than two teams).


  • modest limits (in most cases);
    dependence of the result of a match on one person.

These are just some of the sports represented in the bookmaker’s lines. Don’t forget about boxing, volleyball, American football, baseball and many other sports.

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