What to do if the bookmaker has cut the account

What to do if the bookmaker has cut the account

Successful clients of the bookmaker’s office or those who play dishonestly, sooner or later wonder what to do if the bookmaker’s office cut the account – reduced the maximum possible rate. Moreover, the larger the winning amount, the sooner you will be calculated and the more the maximums will be reduced. Usually, after the second cut of the account, the maximum bet amount is no more than 100-200 rubles, after which it makes no sense to play. We will talk below about what to do if the bookmaker’s office has cut the account.

BC cut the bill how to proceed

Does the bookmaker have the right to cut the highs on the account?

This action on the part of the bookmaker is completely legal. The bookmaker has the right to independently determine the maximum and minimum bet amount, which is spelled out in the user agreement. Moreover, cutting the account does not affect the rights of the players – they can withdraw money.

How much they can cut the account: It all depends on the bookmaker – at his discretion. It all depends on the fault of the player and the internal instructions of the company. Usually, at the first suspicion, the bookmaker reduces the maximum bet amount by 50%. If the player does not change his tactics, the restrictions are tightened – up to a maximum bet of 100 rubles.

Reasons why bookmakers cut bills

Cutting accounts (lowering highs) is practiced in almost all bookmakers. Most often, the accounts of dishonest players suffer, but sometimes the highs are cut even just for successful bettors. The following are the main reasons for cutting bills.

  1. Long win streak with solid wins… Everything is clear here – the bookmaker is not interested in the client raising a lot of money, thereby damaging the company.
  2. Forks and corridors… The most popular type of foul play in bookmaker offices. The player makes several bets on all outcomes of one event in different offices. For example, in one office the player “caught” the odds of 1.95 for tennis player # 1, and in another – 2.1 for tennis player # 2. With the correct amount of the bet, the bettor will in any way be in the black – this is the “surebet”. Domestic bookmakers are especially tough with the “surebets”. “Corridor” is a kind of “surebet” that does not guarantee a 100% win, but significantly increases the probability of winning. “Corridor” is a range of odds, when you hit it, you win several bets at once.
  3. Valuable rates. These are bets on an event, the odds of which are overstated by the bookmaker by mistake. In Europe, for bets on such odds, the maximums are not cut, since here the bettor’s skill to analyze the event simply manifests itself. However, domestic bookmakers, without hesitation, punish smart players.
  4. Create multiple accounts… The prohibition of such an action is spelled out in the rules of all bookmakers. For violation, they can either lower the maximums, or completely block the account.
  5. Violation of other bookmaker rules. Bets on a negotiated match (if the bookmaker determines that, even if it was not), money laundering through the office.

Accordingly, to avoid trimming your account, do not follow the steps described above.

What to do if the bookmaker cuts the account

It makes no sense to write to the support service after cutting the invoice. At best, your highs will only slightly rise. Think about whether it is worth playing further in this office or it is better to choose another bookmaker. If there is no alternative, the only way out is to register a new account in the same bookmaker, which is considered illegal in all serious offices.

Opening a new account in the same bookmaker

Quite a risky step. If the BC administration discovers that several accounts are open for the same data, it can first cut both accounts, and then block and freeze the money without the right to withdraw. All these conditions are detailed in the bookmaker’s rules, which are read by a few bettors during registration.

In order not to “burn out”, you need to think over what document you will provide when you require verification. It is also worth considering how to start and withdraw money. For example, if a bookmaker works with Webmoney, then a new WMID must be registered. The account data must match the data for which the account will be opened in the bookmaker.

You can also go to the bank with a friend and open an account in his name, and then use it when registering. But in case of trouble, the close person for whom the card was issued will be under attack.

Many bookmakers work with the NETELLER Canadian payment system. She issues her own MasterCard, which can be linked to an account and withdraw money from an ATM.

Bookmaker change

Even if you are very accustomed to this bookmaker, you are satisfied with the odds, interface and other points; when cutting an account, the most reliable way is to go to another office. For this you will not be punished, as when creating multi-accounts, in addition, in front of the new bookmaker, your story will be “white”.

Playing at reduced highs

If you are satisfied with the maximum bet amounts that the bookmaker left you after the cut, you can stay with this bookmaker. Please note that your account will receive increased attention from the administration. If the office once again suspects you of unfair play, harsher sanctions may follow – up to blocking the account and all funds on it.

Are there any offices that do not cut bills?

We have already mentioned such bookmakers above. Basically, these are offshore (illegal in Russia) bookmakers. The most famous are Pinnaclesports and Sbobet.

Also, due to their peculiarities, betting exchanges do not cut accounts. They earn from the turnover of funds on bets and take a commission on the winnings of players who argue not with the bookmaker, but with each other.

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