Where do I keep my Printer? Experts Advice

Nowadays, no office is complete without some printing device. Many have copying equipment at home, but not everyone knows where to place the printer correctly to use its functionality as conveniently and safely as possible?

Safety measures for the installation of MFPs

Installation of the printer, whether it is an office or an apartment, must be carried out according to all the rules specified in the instructions for the device. But, despite the different design, the presence of different options, and the way of work, there are generally accepted precautions for any devices. Consider the below.

1. Laser printers should be placed in well-ventilated rooms.

The fact is that when printing, microparticles of toner enter the air, which can harm a person who is in constant contact with the equipment. To avoid such consequences, the MFP should be installed away from itself: on the edge of the table, if it is small, or at the maximum distance from the workplace if the device has a large size.

2. Convenient location

First, you must have full access to all connectors and buttons. The height of the equipment should be optimal so that you do not have to bend or reach for it during operation. Secondly, it is necessary to observe the distance from the sidewalls of the device for air circulation 15-20 cm and keep the ventilation holes open to avoid overheating.

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3. Location relative to other devices

The printing device is not recommended to be placed next to heating devices and devices that create vibration. Avoid installation under an air conditioner that disperses dust from toner throughout the room.

4. External factors

You can not install an MFP in a place where a large amount of dust is formed, leading to a fire. Do not neglect direct sunlight. In the summer, such exposure will cause overheating. The recommended temperature during operation should not be lower than 10 ° C and not exceed the mark of 30 ° C. High humidity also has a bad effect on the operation of the device and can cause a short circuit.

Additional tips and tricks:

– The outlet should be located near the device, be easily accessible for an emergency shutdown if necessary.

– After refilling the cartridge with new toner, ventilate the room.

– Install the device for printing on a flat surface.

– The device should work away from flammable gases, aerosols.

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