Who will score the next goal in the match – how to bet live

Who will score the next goal in the match – how to bet live

There are two different types of football bettors – maybe more, but in general there are two main types. There are those who bet just for fun or because of passion, and those who bet to make a profit. The last type are betters using soccer betting strategies.

A bet on the team that will score the next goal

Betting for fun

Players who are betting just for fun usually bet on their favorite team and their favorite players, but this only diminishes the real chances of success. For example, a dedicated Sampdoria fan would never bet against his own team, even if they were playing against Juventus.

Yes, you can admire their loyalty, but the odds of this bet being successful are pretty low (although, if it does work, loyalty to your favorite team can be pretty generously rewarded). All in all, it’s a fun way to place bets, but if you don’t support one of the top few teams while still in great shape, it is unlikely to lead to permanent success.

Bets for the purpose of earning

The second type is serious players who do not place bets, succumbing only to their feelings or sympathy. They place their bets for the sole purpose of winning. They will objectively look at the two opposing teams and study them carefully.

They will look at the results of previous meetings, the current form, possible injuries of key players, and only then they will make a decision. They invest in who they think will win, not who they want to be victorious. For them, betting on football is a profit, not a simple pleasure.

So, we have figured out who is betting on football and for what purpose, and now let’s talk about this type of bets, like betting on the next goal in a match. Such bets are made online during the match, they cannot be predicted in advance and, moreover, they cannot be placed on such an event in advance.

Who might be interested in a bet on the next goal? – In fact, to anyone. The only caveat here is that this kind of bet requires careful attention to it, otherwise you risk constantly failing. Let’s take a closer look at what betting on the next goal means.

What is the next goal bet

Let’s imagine that you are watching a football match and you see how one of the teams is constantly pressing, creating a lot of chances, but so far it has not been able to score. Any person who understands football will understand that a goal is literally brewing and is about to happen. In this case, betting on the next goal in football may be great for making a profit.

Take a look at the odds on this event offered by the bookmaker and consider whether the risk is justified. You should be well aware that there is no guarantee that the dominant team will score first, if ever. It is also quite real that an outsider will suddenly come out of defense to attack and score a goal in a counterattack. In this situation, the bet will bring nothing but disappointment.

However, such a scenario is still less likely than the one where, in the end, the favorite scores, which brings down one attack after another to the opponents’ goal. Here it is important to catch the moment in time, because in a more or less equal game the initiative passes from one team to another, and your bet on the next goal can be made just at the wrong moment.

Another situation that deserves consideration is a high score in the match. If one of the teams has a 3-4 goal advantage, it can relax and make a mistake that will lead to a goal. In any case, if you watch the match and see that the favorite is already satisfied with the current score and has stopped attacking, just rolling the ball, or even giving up the initiative altogether, perhaps this is a good moment to bet on the next goal in football.

As you can see, in the case of this type of bet, you need to carefully monitor the course of the match and carefully weigh the pros and cons, otherwise you can easily lose. We hope that you now understand well what it means to bet on the next goal.

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