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Why does my printer print in strips? How to fix

Before we talk about the main reasons a printer prints in strips, you should know that printers are inkjet and laser. And although these devices are fundamentally different from each other, errors and failures in their work and ways to solve them are similar. So why does the printer print with stripes? Here are the most common problems and how to fix them.

Reasons why the inkjet printer began to print in strips:

  1. There is little ink in the ink;
  2. On the print head hardened or thickened ink, because perhaps the printer has not been used for a long time;
  3. The tightness of the cartridge is broken;
  4. There was contamination or distortion of the shaft;
  5. Defect or dirt on the enconder;
  6. Malfunction of the print head;
  7. The SNPCH trail is bent.


1. There is little ink in the inkwell. Suppose the inkjet printer has started printing with a strip in the center – to solve this problem, you need to check the availability of ink and its quantity. If the ink is running out, then you need to fill the inkwells. If you can’t see the inkwell visually, you can do so using the printer management software. You will need to select “Check ink level.” In this program, colored and black ink are shown separately.

2. The print head is hardened or thickened ink. This problem occurs when the printer is not used for a long time. Then stripes may appear on the sheet instead of text. To do this, you must:

2.1. Put a blank sheet in the paper tray.

2.2. Run the program of management or configuration of the multifunctional device.

2.3. Select the “Service” or “Service” option.

2.4. Start cleaning the print head.

2.5. If this does not help, we do these manipulations 1-2 more times. After that, you need to leave the printer for 2-3 hours to dry and check the print quality.

ATTENTION! Such procedures are suitable only for printers that have a pump for cleaning the head. If the printer does not have such a pump, then you will have to clean manually. For this, you will need chemicals.

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3. The tightness of the cartridge is broken. This breakdown is most common after refilling the cartridge. Toner wakes up through the holes in the cartridge, and interference is printed on the sheet: points, stripes, waves, etc. To check the integrity, you need to remove the cartridge from the printer and gently shake it over the surface pre-covered with white paper. If the toner crumbles, then the tightness is broken. You need to replace the cartridge with a new one. If the integrity is in order, then put the cartridge in place.

4. There was contamination or distortion of the shaft. Such a breakdown most often occurs with prolonged use of the printer, and the methods of its solution are as follows.

4.1. To remove dirt from the roller, it is necessary to apply a little dishwashing liquid to the edge of the paper;

4.2. Put this paper in the paper tray;

4.3. Enable page printing;

4.4. Keep and do not release the sheet until the program answers the absence of paper;

4.5. Repeat the action several times until the shaft is completely cleaned.

Advice. If you are unsure, or the roller is noticeably spoiled, it should be replaced with a new one.

5. Defect or dirt on the encoder. If the printer prints with white bars or with text shifting, then the reason for this is dirt on the encoder. An encoder is a half-transparent marked film located along a carriage. To remove dirt from the tape, it is necessary to open the printer cover and gently wipe the encoder with a Lilli-free cloth moistened in a cleaning product. It is necessary to let it dry, and the printer is ready to work.

 Дефект или грязь на энкодере

If there are defects in the encoder, then it must be replaced. To do this:

  1. Put the printer in cartridge replacement mode;
  2. Disconnect it from the network, this will allow you to freely mix the head along the shaft;
  3. Remove the encoder tape, for this we unscrew the bolt with which the tape is attached, on one side. And on the other hand, it is necessary to remove the tape along with the spring on which it is attached.
  4. In place of the old tape put a new one. Thread it through the head and reader, pull it slightly and screw it.
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6. Print head malfunction. This problem can be solved with the program’s help that we have already shown in paragraph 2. Only now is it necessary to use all cleaning options: checking the nozzles and calibrating the print head. This procedure, if necessary, is done several times.

If washing and cleaning do not help, the head most likely has failed and needs to be replaced. Most printers have it in the cartridge, and its replacement will not require large investments. But the company Epson head is located separately, and its cost is quite high.

7. The SNPCH trail is bent. It is necessary to review the integrity of the plume carefully. The serviceability or malfunction of it is very difficult to diagnose. For this reason, it makes sense to contact the Tonfix service so that our specialists can help you.

Some Examples with their Fix:

  1. The cartridge runs out of toner;
  2. Poor sealing of the cartridge;
  3. The magnetic shaft is damaged or a foreign body has fallen on it;
  4. The toner residue bin is overflowing;
  5. The blade of the toner dispenser is moved or poorly fixed;
  6. Wear or damage to the drum;
  7. The contact of the magnetic shaft and the drum is broken.


If you pay attention to what type of strip the printer began to print, you can almost correctly determine what exactly led to such a flaw.

1. The cartridge runs out of toner. In this case, the laser printer will print with white stripes and the sheet (often in the middle). Here are the details about pale printing. If this problem occurs, you must refill the cartridge. If you looked and the toner is present, the best solution is to call the master home from the service center.

мало тонера

2. Poor cartridge sealing. Most often, this happens after refilling the cartridge. To check the sealing, you need to remove the cartridge from the printer and shake it over the white paper. If the toner is poured out, then its integrity is violated. And you should contact our service center or order the service by calling the master at home or buy a new cartridge.

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 Плохая герметизация картриджа

3. The magnetic shaft is damaged, or there is a foreign body in it. When printing comes with a white vertical stripe on the left, right, or middle – this indicates that a foreign object (paper clip, a small piece of sheet, tape, etc.) got on the shaft. To resolve this issue, you must get this item. If dull black stripes stretch across the sheet, this indicates that the magnetic shaft has been damaged or worn out and should be replaced.

 Магнитный вал поврежден

4. The toner residue bin is overflowing. . . Strips consisting of small points (vertical and horizontal) indicate that the hopper for toner residues is overflowing. The solution is to clean the bunker. And this action must also be performed every time during the refilling of the cartridge.

 Бункер для остатков тонера переполнен

5. The blade of the toner dispenser is not fixed. Sometimes the same stripes as in paragraph 4 give an incorrectly installed blade. Inspect it, if necessary, install it correctly.

 Лезвие дозатора тонера незафиксированно.

6. Wear or damage to the drum. A dark strip accompanies damage or wears off the drum on one or both sides of the sheet. This leads to replacing the part since the drum wears out the sensitive layer after a while, and it needs to be restored.

повреждение фотобарабана

7. The contact between the magnetic shaft and the drum is broken. When printing, stripes appear located horizontally at the same distance, maybe accompanied by small dots. To do this, you need to clean the shaft contacts and other parts. If there is no result – it is necessary to replace the cartridge.

 нарушение контактов


  • You should never use alcohol or water to clean an inkjet printer. To do this, you need a special liquid. Alternatively, you can use a window cleaner.
  • When strips begin to appear when printing on HP and Canon printers, you first need to check the amount of ink and the occupancy of the waste ink hopper. That’s often the problem.
  • To avoid printing with strips, it is necessary to regularly clean the cartridge.

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