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Why does the Printer Print Blank White Sheets?

Laser and inkjet printers require proper care. There are many simple ways to extend the printer’s life, but no life hack will help insure against breakdown by 100%. When the printer gives out a white sheet instead of the necessary document, there are several ways to solve the problem: try your hand or seek help from a specialized service. In this article, we will look at why the printer prints blank sheets and how they can be eliminated.

Note! If you decide to repair your device yourself, the service center is not responsible for all the mistakes that you can make. If you need to repair a printer, it is better to contact our service for help immediately – it will be faster and cheaper.

Why the printer gives blank sheets – the reasons

  1. the driver is not installed or the driver has failed.
  2. problems with the cartridge;
  3. system failure;
  4. incorrect configuration;
  5. inappropriate paper;
  6. mechanical failure of the printer.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why the printer prints white sheets. It is possible to accurately determine the cause of the malfunction only after a thorough check.

The printer prints blank sheets – what to do first?

Now we will look at a few simple steps that will help you solve the problem with the printer.

1. Disconnect the printer from the network. Wait 10-15 minutes, start the machine and send the document for printing. Reboot your PC or laptop if you’re printing from external devices. This method may seem trivial to you, but if there is a system failure or a crowded print queue, the most effective solution is to reboot the devices.

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printer shutdown buttonprinter power button

2. Check the document itself. You may have set the print settings incorrectly. If the printer prints blank sheets through one, open Word – the document may have blank pages. If your text occupies only one page, and the second has at least a space, the printer will print a blank sheet. Delete the blank page. Check your print settings.

3. Inspect the cartridge. You may have forgotten to remove the security check and tape. These parts avoid spilling toner during cartridge transport, but they must be removed before installation. As a rule, they are easy to notice – the ribbon and check have a bright orange color.

transport protection for cartridges

4. Check the compatibility of the consumable. You decided to buy cartridges for the printer and ordered them online. After installing the consumable, the printer issues blank sheets. If you decide to purchase an original, compatible, or refurbished cartridge, you can order it in our service. Name the model and brand of the printer, and our manager will select for you a 100% compatible cartridge.

HP 85A Original Toner CartridgeCompatible HP 85A Toner Cartridge

5. Pay attention to the paper used. Thin, thick, or crumpled pages can cause the printer to issue a blank sheet. Try to change the paper and make sure that the desired format is set in the device’s settings.

inserting paper into the printer trayprinter paper error

6. Install or reinstall the software. One of the main reasons a new printer prints blank sheets is that the driver is not installed. “Firewood” can “fly” – in their work, there is a failure. In this case, reinstallation will help. Don’t have an installation disc? No problem. You can install drivers without a discby downloading them from the manufacturer’s website. You need to know the printer model and the bit depth of the operating system.

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driver installation

Note! When using drafts, check them for paper clips, buttons, and other clerical garbage. Do not use crumpled pages, as they can cause the printer to freeze the paper.

Inkjet or laser printer prints blank sheets – internal faults

If the above recommendations did not help you identify the cause of the white sheets and the printer does not print, call the wizard. Most likely, the source of the malfunction lies in the printer itself. In the process of disassembling the device, you can lose small parts, damage sensitive components of the printing system, or incorrectly perform a reverse assembly. Worst of all, if you incorrectly determine the cause of the breakdown. In this case, you will waste money on buying parts and your precious time. If the printer prints a white sheet, contact the service center for help.

It’s about the cartridge

When the printer prints blank sheets after refilling, you need to rebuild the cartridge. A similar effect can be found in Brother cartridges if the gears are installed incorrectly. They do not actuate rollers, and the toner is not transferred to paper. You can refill the printer in our workshop. To do this, call the service manager and call the master at home/office. We provide a guarantee of quality.

Gear cartridge Brother TN-1090

If not assembled correctly, contact with the magnetic shaft or light-sensitive drum can be broken. This is enough to make blank sheets come out of the printer, or white stripes appear when printing. In inkjet printers, you need to clean the nozzles. When the ink dries in the black cartridge, the printer does not print the text, but the color images are printed. In the case of a color cartridge, it’s the opposite.

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Malfunction of the printing machine

The printer prints blank sheets. The paint is there. The drivers are serviceable, the settings are correct – it’s time to disassemble the device. Each brand of printer has its own “sores” that could cause white sheets. Kyocera machines print white sheets when the couplings wear out. In this case, the printer makes noise during printing. Clutches are weak in some Kyocera models, especially if the user fills them with cheap toner. Very often, HP printers give out blank pages due to poor contact with the cartridge. Inside some models, there is a contact wire. It can go down.

Kyocera printer couplings HP Printer Contact Wire

In inkjet machines, the print head can fail. In this case, the printer does not print letters and pictures, and the output is only white sheets. In lasers, the thermal film may wear out, or the stove may completely fail. If the day before you saw that the printer gets dirty, smears paper, then with a probability of 85%, it is necessary to replace the thermal film.

broken laser printer gearfuses on the Canon printer control board

On the format, the fuse burned out, the mount that opens the curtain of the drum broke, the teeth of the drive gear broke, etc. There are actually a lot of reasons why the printer prints white sheets every time. That is why it is better to entrust the repair of equipment to professionals immediately. You will save not only money but also time. What should I do when the printer prints blank sheets? We hope now you know the answer to this question and this material was useful for you.

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