Why selling predictions for match-fixing on the Internet is cheating

Why selling predictions for match-fixing on the Internet is cheating

Fixed matches – a great opportunity to cut a big jackpot or, on the contrary, a chance to lose a lot of money? Can you trust the match-fixing information sold by individuals and even entire websites? We will answer these and other questions in our article!

Agreements - how to find information

What is a negotiated match

First of all, I would like to start with general information about what a match-fixing is. Experienced bettors are very familiar with this term, but for those who have become interested in sports and betting recently, it will not be superfluous to explain what this means.

So, a negotiated match is one, the result of which is determined in advance due to the collusion of its participants and (or) a third party (usually a referee). Such games are possible in any sport, including esports. Usually, the parties agree on a specific result and even the final score, but there are bets on secondary events (for example, on the number of penalties in a football match and others).

The motivation of the parties in most cases is monetary, but there are other incentives: for example, moving up the standings or maintaining registration in the division. It so happens that one team no longer needs anything in this championship, and they, by agreement, lose to their rivals on the condition that next year they will reciprocate. In a word, there can be many reasons, but the essence does not change from this.

Match-fixing is severely prosecuted by the relevant authorities around the world. If the participants are proven guilty, they face a variety of penalties: from fines and disqualifications for indefinite periods to criminal prosecution. That is why these kinds of games are kept in the strictest confidence and are mainly played in the lower leagues. In top championships and at major tournaments, it is very rare to see a negotiated match.

Is it possible to believe the information about fixing matches?

So, we figured out what match-fixing is, and also realized that they really exist. But if so, why not take advantage of this information and raise some money? “This is exactly what many players think, and that is why the request“ match fixing ”searches Yandex for more than 16,000 people every month. Just imagine how big this number is!

online match-fixing

But if at least half of them really find the information they need, contact the person selling match fixing, place a bet on them and win, what a loss the bookmakers will have!

But everyone knows that the bookmaker is always guaranteed to make a profit. What does he do if he suspects some of the matches of an agreement between the parties? – That’s right, he removes it from the line or, according to its results, calculates those who made a bet on it with odds 1, that is, returns the money.

Just think whether it is profitable for those who have such information to offer it to thousands of strangers who are ready to buy it from him, and often for quite ridiculous money.

You need to understand that only a few people have information about fixing matches, these are the people closest to the organizers of such a game. Usually, such information is carefully hidden and practically not leaked to anyone, otherwise you can later get very serious problems.

After reading all this, now answer the question: can such information be freely available on the Internet? Can dozens and even hundreds of different sites and cappers own and sell it to everyone?

Of course not, because in this case, a massive “load” would begin on one of the outcomes in different bookmakers, and the bookmaker would simply remove this match from the line, returning the bet money to the players.

The most common scammers’ tricks

But if such a huge number of people are looking for information on match fixing every month, surely many of them are ready to buy it. Why is this happening, why are people so naive and are led by the trick of deceivers?

It’s very simple: scammers know how to be very persuasive and find answers to almost any questions asked by users. And if you’re new to betting, you can easily fall for their bait.

Probably the most beloved and at the same time convincing argument of the deceivers are screenshots with huge sums that they allegedly won on agreements. Usually, the names of the teams are smeared on such photos and only a high coefficient and a big win are visible. But in fact, such screenshots are not worth a damn, because they are a gross fake. To do this, you don’t even need to know Photoshop, you can just edit the source code in the browser and get the necessary picture for the “divorce” of gullible newbies.

And some do not bother with this and simply use the services of those bookmakers that provide demo accounts to everyone. The bets on them are made on virtual money, so there is no value and even more truthfulness in them. A fraudster can simply bet a huge amount on any event, and then, if it happens, take a screenshot with an allegedly huge win.

Another way to build trust is through the free first negotiated match. Many scammers do not seek to make money off the gullible client outright, they first lure him in. If the outcome, which they give free of charge, passes, the delighted player will probably be ready to buy another reliable contract match from them next time. If the bet does not work, it’s okay, they will easily find new victims for themselves.

Some are even more cunning: they send different outcomes to different clients. As a result, in any case, the fraudster will still earn the trust of a part of the people who will be ready to pay for the “drain” next time. A similar scheme can be repeated further and for money, and several times. In any case, the fraudster will remain in the black, having received a solid profit.

Another popular option for cheating is to introduce yourself as a former player or referee who has many connections left and who constantly has the latest information about new agreements. And if you ask him why he shares this info, the scammer will answer without batting an eye that because of the limit on the bet he cannot get a big enough win, so he sells inside information for money.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers

If you are new to betting and you are unsure whether the match-fixing information can be trusted, read these simple rules carefully to help you avoid falling for the “cheated” trick:

  • The first and most important rule states that there has never been, is not, and probably never will be, truthful information about fixed fights on the Internet. Such infa appears rarely, and not every day, as many so-called insiders claim, and a very small circle of people is devoted to it. Of course, no one will ever merge it into the network and make it available to thousands of people.
  • The second rule applies to those who have already contacted the seller of the agreements in one way or another and put money on it. Remember, even if you won, do not pay anyone for this “drain” and never use this pseudo-information again. You’re just plain lucky, but next time, luck probably won’t be on your side.
  • The third rule encourages you to never even enter into dialogues with “insiders” on the Internet. If you haven’t memorized yet, we will repeat once again: there are not a single one of them. There is no need to try to check them, they can somehow deceive you and get into trust, and the result can be a loss of a decent amount of money.
  • And finally, the last fourth rule, which should dot all the i’s. If you nevertheless entered into a dialogue with the seller of the agreements, just ask him this question: “If you really have insider information, why are you selling it for very little money on the Internet, instead of quietly putting everything on this sure bet without risk your money in several offices, as well as borrow the required amount from your acquaintances or friends, promising to return it with interest? ” You probably will not get an adequate answer to this question, because it simply does not exist.

That’s all, this was the basic information about match fixing, about whether it is possible to trust the people selling them, and how to act in such situations in order not to become a victim of scammers. Be careful not to look outside the mousetrap for free cheese and good luck with your bets!

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