Why you need to have accounts in different bookmakers

Why you need to have accounts in different bookmakers

Moving sports betting to the online space gives players more options. You can open accounts in several bookmakers at the same time, analyze odds and lines, compare and select profitable offers. Some bettors prefer to play only in one office, others have dozens of accounts in different ones. Today we will figure out why you need to have accounts in different bookmakers and how it is beneficial.

Accounts in different bookmakers

Possibility to select an event

Often you can find such a situation that the bookmaker does not have the event on which you were going to bet. And nothing if the bet was planned in the prematch – there is time to register at another office. And if the player intended to make a live bet, then such a bummer. Having an account in neighboring bookmakers, it is easier for a bettor to navigate and find a site that accepts bets on the desired event.

Bonus hunt

Bonus hunters have accounts in all possible bookmakers in order to receive rewards and profits from the bookmaker’s special offers. Even if you do not have a goal to collect bonuses from all offices, it would be nice to get money from several offices. By registering with a bookmaker, you can count on:

  • welcome cash bonuses;
  • freebets for registration or activity;
  • increased odds for certain events;
  • regular promotions.

For all the attractiveness of bonuses, you should carefully study the rules for using special offers. Sometimes the requirements are too harsh, and the bonus is not so profitable in the end.

Choice of rates

New offices rarely offer extensive murals. Often the advantage is given to totals, which is boring and uninteresting. Players are limited in their actions, they want to bet on the handicap, the outcome of the half or the number of yellow cards. By registering with several bookmakers, the bettor gets the opportunity to compare and choose the best bet. It’s the same story with odds. By being able to choose, you can make a significant profit on the difference in odds.

Strategy selection

If you are planning to be professionally engaged in betting and get a lot of money, then registration in different bookmakers is what you need. Arbers have accounts in all possible offices. Of course, bookmakers are trying to get rid of this strategy, but they will not be able to completely eradicate bets on surebets. Betting on different outcomes in several bookmakers, you can get a good profit on the difference in the odds.

Increase in limits

Cutting limits is always frustrating. Especially if the player expected to bet a certain amount. Bookmakers like to limit bettors unexpectedly, so the only way out of the situation is to bet in another bookmaker. If the bookmaker has cut the limits for you due to regular wins, then by placing a bet in a neighboring bookmaker, you can equalize the amount and get the desired win.

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