“Willem II” – “Nijmegen”: forecast and rate of Vladislav Turov

Willem II is still out of the red zone thanks to the points supply it gained at the start of the season. However, in the last rounds the “three-colored” look depressing, in the last 7 rounds there were losses with a total score of 23-4! In general, Tilburg residents conceded 14 goals in 8 home rounds and managed to keep the gate locked in just one.

Nijmegen is expectedly confident in the season and deservedly is closer to the European Cup zone than to the relegation zone. Of course, there are misfires, especially against strong opponents, but in the overwhelming majority with teams of about their level, the newcomer Eredivisie plays confidently. Nijmegen scored a goal in 9 away rounds played in 8 cases, and in 5 games from 2.

The match will take place without spectators, i.e. Willem II’s home field advantage will be minimal. Taking into account the form and capabilities of the teams, it is quite realistic to expect a goal from the guests, and possibly more.

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