World Cup. Men. They graze 12.5 km: forecast and rate. Maye will take revenge for a failed sprint

On Friday, unexpectedly (at least for me), Alexander Loginov won the sprint race, but bookmakers do not believe that the Russian will repeat his success. The chances of the French Emilien Jacquelin and Quentin Fillon Maillet, as well as the Norwegians Sturla Holma Legrade and Tarjei Be, are quoted much higher.

There is an ironclad stake from my point of view, Maya should be higher Sebastian Samuelsson, but there is a funny odds on this event, so it makes sense to find something more “tasty”.

Alternatively, you can take a bet that Jacqueline finishes in first or second place. But this is risky. The Frenchman has a good move, but his standing accuracy is only 75%.

I like the couple better Legrade and Maye. Both missed Saturday’s relay. They must be equally prepared. The Norwegian is favored by his phenomenal 93% in shooting, both standing and prone. Maye shoots a little worse, but in terms of speed he is ahead of the opponent by about two seconds per one kilometer. With a lag of 15 seconds, we can assume that they are on an equal footing.

I would draw your attention to the fact that Quentin did not perform very well in the sprint at the stages in Hochfilzen and Annecy, but came out on top in pursuit races. This particular discipline Legrade is doing worse. Therefore, my choice – Maye will be higher.

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